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Merit Skills has recently launched the new and exciting feature of Live Chat on our website. Recently, we noticed that people who visited the website often wanted to find out more information relating to the exact course of service that they needed. We hope that Live Chat will be a great answer to this. It offers anyone on the website the ability to talk directly to experienced staff within the business in an instant, no email or phone number required, and minimal waiting time.

From experience we know that it can be frustrating trying to find specific information on a website, and you don’t have the time to send an email through or call us, which is why Merit Skills Live Chat makes sure that this will not be a problem for you again. Live Chat gives us at Merit Skills an opportunity to engage with our customers directly and efficiently, which we have already seen improve the users experience whilst browsing through our website.

Since implementing Live Chat to the website we have already been able to help multiple users get answers to their questions, navigate around the site and find what is best for them.