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It's National Apprenticeship Week so here are some of the top reasons to hire an apprentice at your business:

1. An Apprenticeship is funded when the Apprentice is aged 16 to 24, this means that you as a business will not have to cover the costs of training during the duration of the apprenticeship

2. Because the Apprenticeship is funded by an external source recruitment costs will be lowered as a result

3. Your business will gain experienced and hard working staff that could become invaluable to your business in the near future, this also allows you to shape and perfect the Apprentices skills to suit your business

4. Apprentices can bring your business fresh new ideas that improve anything from the layout to how its run

5. You will be helping the economy and the younger generation, employing an Apprentice lowers unemployment and gives the young person involved experience and skills that they need later in their careers

6. A good Apprentice scheme will reflect better on your business, with 81% of customers preferring to use a company that employs Apprentices

7. Apprentices a generally ready to work hard and make a lasting impression, giving your business a reason to keep them on

8. Gives a chance for the business to grow and gain a skilled workforce while keeping staff costs down

9. Increased productivity during the time that the apprentice works at the business, 76% say that Apprenticeships provide higher overall productivity

10. Shows your business is trying to help the local community and improve the general skills gap

If you are interested in adding an Apprentice to your team then click here and call 01733 246415

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