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An ageing workforce and increased demand will soon start to affect the treatment and supply of clean and waste water.

The water industry predicts that 63,000 vacancies will need to be filled during the next decade. This is due to 61,000 existing employees either approaching retirement or leaving through normal staff turnover to find new roles and an estimated 2,000 new jobs will be created.

The industry has an ageing workforce: almost a quarter (22%) of the total workforce are over 55 years old it employs proportionately fewer 16-24 year olds (7%) than the UK average (12%).

Only around 1% current university graduates are going into the energy and utilities sector and a fraction of them make it into the water industry.

Leaving many to question how will the water industry solve this issue?

Statistics such as these highlight the need for quality apprenticeships suited to the water industry’s needs. Using apprenticeships are a great way to attract those looking to start in the water industry and provide them with the foundation for a lifelong career.

Merit Skills is one of the largest providers of training for the water industry, offering both high quality training courses and bespoke specialist apprenticeship programmes nationally. We have a history of working with all major water companies, providing them with a variety of training and support helping to ensure the gaps in the industry are filled.

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