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We are pleased to welcome Michael Smith to our Leakage and Distribution training team. Michael will be providing training to many of our clients within the water industry, but first here is a bit about him -

After serving an apprenticeship as a vehicle technician and spending 7 years within the automotive industry, I decided that it wasn't for me and that I wanted to follow in my father and grandfather's footsteps with a career in the water industry.

The move required starting from the bottom as a noise logging technician which quickly developed into becoming a trainee leakage with MWH Global on a contract for Anglian water. Anglian water, happy with my progress, then offered me a direct position within the company as a fully-fledged leakage tech, finding business as usual leakage on the water network. Not long after this an opportunity for an Intensive Investigation Technician arose, which I got, and was working on far more complex leakage and network issues and developed my skills in this role over the years.

in 2019 I worked for Aquam pipe diagnostics as an international operations technician, specializing in all sorts of pipe surveying including live camera surveys and NDT work, Unfortunately, Covid struck which put an end to this job and I went back to what I know in leakage for Affinity water which has led me to Merit skills to train and educate the next generation of water industry workers. I now have over 12 years' experience working within leakage and distribution and I'm looking forward to passing on as much knowledge as I possibly can.

I'm very excited to get started and have a great highly skilled team behind me.

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