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Recently our Managing Director Maria Fulluck went to Arthur Mellows Village College in Peterborough, to help prepare them for their future by giving them a mock interview experience.

The year 11 students each got an interview that lasted around 10 minutes, after which they were provided with feedback that will help them improve and succeed in future interviews. For most people of this age, a mock interview at college will be the first chance they get to experience a formal interview, and it is important for these students to have an idea of what is to come.

Why is a mock interview essential?

There are a number of times during the course of your life that you will be in the situation of having to have an interview, this applies to both working and further education. This why sharpening your knowledge and skills in a controlled practical environment is essential for young people, it gives those who take part to gain invaluable feedback relating to their communication, body language and overall performance.

All of which we hope will come back to benefit each student in any future interviews they may have.

The Future

Maria found the interviews to be a really enjoyable experience and beneficial for the students. So we hope that other colleges and organisations will give this opportunity to their learners, and that we have the chance to be involved.