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TAP into an exciting career in the water industry.

A leading training organisation for the industry says the demand for skilled workers at water firms across the UK is increasing as the existing workforce ages.

Pete Featherstone, operations boss at Peterborough-based Merit Skills, explains: “Apprenticeships are seen as a big part of the solution.”

Merit has launched a programme coaching young apprenticeship-trained engineers to become the next generation of trainers.

For those who like working with people and supporting skills development, this offers a fantastic route into a career as a training professional.

Ben Ely, 28, from Linton, Cambs, completed an apprenticeship with Merit Skills before starting a successful career with Cambridge Water and Anglian Water.

Now Ben is back working for Merit Skills and teaching others the skills which he has learned over the years.

He said: “After seven years in the water industry, I appreciated the great foundation my apprenticeship gave me — and wanted to pass on my experience to others making the same journey.

“I wanted a new challenge and an opportunity to develop my career further.

“To have the chance to do this work with Merit Skills, who made such a lasting impression on me during my own training, was fantastic.

Benefit of experience

“I now get to travel around the country delivering training, assessing new learners and giving them the benefit of my knowledge and experience to help them through the part of their careers they should always remember.”

Merit Skills is recruiting for water industry trainers across the country and wants to hear from people such as Ben.

The potential salary, after qualification, is around £35,000.

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Source - The Sun