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Merit Skills has recently gained approval by CABWI Awarding Body for their Butt and Electro Fusion training and assessment programme. Merit Skills provides Butt and Electro Fusion training and assessment to a variety of utility customers.

Peter Featherstone, Operations Director Merit Skills said 'over recent years there has been an increase in demand for certification of shorter courses. With the launch of CABWI's new 'Third Party Endorsement' service we are able to offer training and assessment products with CABWI's quality approval. Merit Skills is the first centre in the UK to have a product approved and we hope to launch further products for trench safety and support in the coming month'.

CABWI's Third Party Endorsement service provides a cost-effective external endorsement of the quality and consistency of training. The service is intended for companies who wish to enhance their internal training provision for specific courses, through external endorsement by CABWI, as a recognised quality assurance body. Companies seeking recognition through the Third Party Endorsement service may be water or utility companies, contractors, or training providers. Under CABWI’s third party endorsement process, companies seek recognition against CABWI’s endorsement criteria, and also provide details of the courses which they wish to have recognised. Once a company’s course is recognised, delegates who complete the course successfully will receive a certificate, issued by CABWI and jointly badged with the logo of CABWI and the company. The certificate is designed to provide evidence that the training has been delivered consistently, to a high standard, and against stated requirements.

The aims and objectives of the third party endorsement service are:

  • for the CABWI endorsed certificate to be transferable between companies.
  • to provide the learner with an opportunity to demonstrate that they have received training to meet industry standards.
  • to demonstrate that the training has been delivered to consistent standards, in accordance with sound training practice, meeting the aims and objectives set out in the course title and training syllabus.
  • to provide a quality mark for the delivery of company training.

If you are interested in having a training product approved or think this scheme could help your business please get in touch we would be happy to discuss you needs.