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Previously the strict rules surrounding Apprenticeships stated that qualifications couldn't be mandated in apprenticeships. However now the Institute For Apprenticeships has announced that qualifications, such as technical certificates will be allowed as a method of showing evidence of knowledge.

This change is part of the process to make the apprenticeships process "faster and better" after recent developments showed that apprenticeships have been suffering after the implementation of the Levy. With this change it is hoped that it will lead the way for further changes to now old and outdated policies and practices.

Why Now?

The Institute For Apprenticeships, now under the guidance of Sir Gerry Berragan has started its campaign for change against the governments existing policies.

Under the "faster and better" motto the IFA has outlined a number of changes that they look to bring out during 2018. After the IFA admitted that "We’ve always recognised some of the systems, policies and processes we inherited needed improving" it is clear that there will be a big change in the further education sector.

In addition to the qualification change the IFA has promised that they will work with the Department of Education to refresh policies in a number of areas, but we will have to stay alert for any future developments.