Water Treatment Water Treatment Process Operations

  • Course Code WS-94
  • Duration 3 days
  • Learners12Max

This course covers the scientific aspects of water treatment. The plant and operational practices used as well as the principles surrounding water treatment.


By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the drinking water regulations
  • State the principles of coagulation and flocculation
  • Explain the process of granular filtration
  • Explain ozonisation and activated carbon
  • Describe different types of membranes and the process used
  • Describe methods of disinfection
  • State the precautions taken when using cryptosporidium
  • Describe the systems used for process control and how to optimise them
  • Explain the different chemicals used and the dosing requirements

Classroom based with practical activities and site visits

Pre Course Requirements


Who Should Attend?

This course would be beneficial for operators, team leaders and supervisors who require an understanding of water treatment processes and how to control them.