Water Operations And Management WOM409 Water distribution

  • Course Code MS-158
  • Duration 5 days
  • Learners16Max

This unit is designed to enable the learner to develop the knowledge and understanding associated with the principles of water network distribution systems.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Design a water distribution system, from service reservoir to customer tap, for a new build housing estate.
  • Describe a planned maintenance strategy for an existing water distribution system designed in line with current industry and legislative standards.
  • Explain the operation of a service reservoir and pumping system within a distribution system.
  • Explain the factors which must be considered to maintain flow, pressure and head within a water distribution network system.
  • Explain the significance of pressure, flow and head and their relationship to the water distribution system
  • Calculate pressure, flow and available head in a distribution system using typical formulae.
  • Describe how a water undertaker identifies, detects, repairs and monitors leakage.
  • Explain different methods of pipe laying, including laying out, jointing and testing.
  • Explain techniques used in the renewal and rehabilitation of pipelines for both open and closed trench construction.
  • Describe how water based fire fighting systems comply with regulations.
  • Describe techniques used to ensure that water quality is maintained in the network.

Classroom based activity using PowerPoint, group activities and discussion. End of unit assessment in the form of an exam and written assignment

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