Water Operations And Management WOM406 Water industry materials and components

  • Course Code MS-159
  • Duration 5 days
  • Learners16Max

This unit is designed to enable learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of the principal materials and components used within the water industry.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the historical development of the use of metal and plastic in the water industry.
  • Describe the properties of typical metal and plastic materials used in the water industry.
  • Explain the constituents and properties of concrete and its uses within the water industry.
  • Describe the types of materials that are used for different trench support systems in the water industry, and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Describe the selection of materials and the factors that influence selection.
  • Describe the material selection process and the suitability of materials for a given network installation system.
  • Explain the function of different components used within the water industry.
  • Explain using examples how components are interrelated in a water distribution system.
  • Explain the maintenance requirements for components in a water distribution system, including the need for a maintenance schedule.
  • Describe different types of corrosion and their causes.
  • Explain different corrosion prevention methods and their suitability for use for a given installation in the water industry.
  • Describe different types of waste water collection systems in common use in the water industry, the materials and components used in each and their suitability for use.
  • Describe the installation procedure for a waste water collection system, including the materials and components used, and jointing and testing procedures.
  • Describe different rehabilitation techniques applicable to waste water collection systems.

Classroom based activity using PowerPoint, group activities and discussion. End of unit assessment in the form of an exam and written assignment

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