Water Networks NCO Main Laying Level 2 (Non Experienced)

  • Course Code NCO-2-M
  • Duration 5 days
  • Cost £2129+VAT
  • Learners8Max

There are four NVQ awards in the Network Construction Operations (Water) suite ranging from level 1 to level 3. These qualifications are mandatory requirements for those working on self lay work and needing to be registered on the Water Industry Registration Scheme(WIRS). The NCO NVQs are the only nationally accredited qualifications available and are specified by many water companies as being the required level of qualification for contractors carrying out their mains and service laying.

Network Construction Operations (NCO) Water Main Laying Level 2

This qualification is the only nationally recognised qualification for water industry main-layers. Those successfully completing the award will have demonstrated their competence against national occupational standards. This NCO qualification is a mandatory requirement for those wishing to be registered on the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). The units of competence for this award are as follows:


Core mandatory generic units

  • MUNC01 Create an efficient and effective work environment
  • MUNC02 Maintain a safe and secure working environment on water network construction
  • MUNC03 Establish and maintain effective working relationships
  • MUNC04 Install equipment for safe working on the highway
  • MUNC05 Install equipment for safe working on sites
  • MUNC06 Locate and avoid supply apparatus
  • MUNC07 Excavate and maintain holes and trenches
  • MUNC09 Operate powered tools and equipment for routine and predictable requirements
  • MUNC10 Joint materials by electro fusion
  • MUNC11A Join materials by butt fusion process up to 180mm

Core mandatory water units

  • MUNCW12 Join materials by mechanical means

Optional generic units

  • MUNC08 Reinstate excavation and pavement surfaces after utility network construction operations
  • MUNC11D Join materials by butt fusion process between 180 to 315mm
  • MUNC11C Join materials by butt fusion process above 315mm

Optional water units

  • MUNCW13DInstall engineering products or assets from 150mm NB (180mm) to 300mm NB (315mm)
  • MUNCW13F Install engineering products or assets above 300mm NB (315mm)
  • MUNCW14 Conduct specified testing of Water engineering products or assets
  • MUNCW18 Restore Water components to operational condition by repair
  • 1 week in Centre, 1 on site observation, 1 portfolio day.
  • The course consists of a practical demonstration and assessment of practical skills.
  • Learners and assessors agree a timetable to complete the collation of evidence, to meet the requirements of the client.
  • Learners and assessors complete an electronic portfolio of evidence allowing more efficient assessment, verification and storage of supporting evidence. Employers can access an overview of progress at any time.
  • Following the course a number of observed assessments are planned in the workplace to provide the necessary evidence to meet the standards of the qualification. The number will depend upon experience. (Please note that late cancellation of observed assessments may incur further fees to achieve completion).
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