Waste Water Treatment Waste water sludge digestion

  • Course Code WS-91
  • Duration 1 day
  • Learners12Max

This training course is designed to give operational staff the necessary skills and knowledge to operate sludge digestion processes


By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key components of sludge digestion plant and their functions
  • Explain how the digestion process works and how it is controlled
  • Outline maintenance activities required
  • Describe how sludge digestion fits in to the wider sewage treatment process and the impact it has on it
  • Outline environmental considerations regarding sludge digestion
  • Describe the specific health and safety and typical risk control measures associated with sludge digestion

A classroom based training course using trainer presentation and desk top exercises

Pre Course Requirements


Who Should Attend?

Anyone requiring an operational understanding of the sludge digestion process and the plant involved