Management Development Diversity at Work

  • Course Code MS-102
  • Duration ½ day
  • Learners12Max

The course is designed for people who are a part of a multi cultural team, particularly where parts of the team are scattered around the world. It can be very difficult to communicate with people who each have different cultures, personalities and ideas. The course explores different cultural norms and suggests strategies for overcoming problems. It is a very interactive course with plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences.

  • Describe the benefits of inclusion and diversity in the Workplace
  • Understand the Cultural Iceberg
  • Understand cultural dimensions
  • The importance of non verbal communication including emails
  • Use a variety of communication techniques
  • Use tips for improving verbal communication between cultures

A classroom based course with practical exercises as individuals and in groups.

Pre Course Requirements


Who Should Attend?

If you have ever found communication difficult in the workplace, this course will help you to identify whether there are cultural differences involved.