Health And Safety Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces EUSR

  • Course Code MS-33a
  • Duration 2 days
  • Cost £380+VAT
  • Learners10Max

This confined space training is designed to provide learners with experience in confined spaces work with the practical knowledge and skills to carry out safe entry into a confined space and to deal with reasonably foreseeable risks. The course consists of 1 day of training followed by written and practical assessment on the second.


By the end of this course confined space training the participants will be able to:

  • Prepare to work safely in medium risk confined spaces
  • Enter and exit confined spaces safely
  • Prepare and use escape breathing apparatus
  • Use equipment and tools safely
  • Follow procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Use appropriate behaviour for working in medium risk confined spaces
  • Use appropriate water industry knowledge for medium risk confined spaces
  • Apply relevant water industry standards for working in medium risk confined spaces

A mixture of theory training supported by practical exercises in a realistic confined space environment.

Pre Course Requirements

Learners attending this confined space training course should bring with them their personal protective equipment such as hard hat, safety footwear, waterproof and Hi Vis clothing, eye protection and gloves.

This course is physically demanding and involves practical exercises and assessment; all learner should be deemed medically fit to undertake such tasks.